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More information

For further information visit our link and video library
or contact the Thames Skills Academy via email or call 01322 917 550. 

Link library 

Find all relevant links to important information on one page: 

Qualification and syllabus
Boatmaster apprenticeship syllabus 
Maritime engineer qualification 
Maritime Engineering apprenticeship syllabus 

Costs and financial support 
Shipwright apprenticeship scheme guidelines on apprenticeships guidelines on minimum wages guidelines on financial support of apprentices until 30th September 2021

Video library 

Here is a selection of videos to find out more and:
Get inspired by the “River of Opportunities”, find your career on the river.
Hear what employees and apprentices love about working on the Thames.
Have a look how exciting and different a career on the Thames could be.
Find out more about the Marine Engineering Apprenticeship.
Hear why the scheme is a win-win for employers and apprentices.
Simon Lofting form the South Essex college explains the process for employers to join the apprenticeship scheme.

Open day and other events 

To find out about the next Open Days for both the Boatmaster and Maritime Engineering apprenticeships and our next Careers on the Thames event please email or call 01322 917 550.

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