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At the TSA we promote and support two level 3 apprenticeship schemes. The first is the Boatmaster Apprenticeship delivered by SeaRegs and the Marine Society and the second is the Maritime Engineering Apprenticeship delivered by South Essex College.

The TSA supports both employers and apprentices throughout. We do this by working with employers to develop the apprenticeships, by helping to attract suitable apprentices and working closely with the training providers to ensure the apprenticeships are well managed and meet the needs of employers and apprentices.  

TSA works to raise the profile of the industry and of apprenticeships. We also provide continued support to apprentices by offering insights into working on the Thames such as site visits to others on the Thames such as the PLA’s Harbour Service Launch and the London Fire Brigade.  We also provide support for female apprentices through the Women on the Water network to encourage a peer network.

Hear why the Boatmaster Apprenticeship is a win-win for employers and apprentices.

The Boatmaster Apprenticeship


TSA, working with inland waterways employers, developed the Boatmaster Apprenticeship standard which was approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships in November 2019. 

The Boatmaster Apprenticeships is delivered by SeaRegs and the Marine Society, whom the TSA works closely with. 

Find the full syllabus here

This Government-funded apprenticeship, which has a value of £24,000 per person, is open to all employers who work on the river. The two-year apprenticeship covers the curriculum set out in the BML syllabus and the Inland Waterways diploma, as well as additional skills including leadership requested by employers. 


The Maritime Engineering Apprenticeship

When it comes to the maritime engineering apprenticeship, the TSA has been working with South Essex College to set up this apprenticeship to meet the needs of river employers.

This is the first time such a bespoke course has been provided on the Thames for decades.

This Level 3 four-year, one day a week apprenticeship, worth £26,000 per person, provides very practical engineering skills, with specialist skills chosen in years 3 and 4 as a mechanical fitter, electrical fitter or maritime fabricator. 

How to find out more

For information on the Boatmaster Apprenticeship, please call Simon Jinks at SeaRegs at 01752 408 270.  

For information on the Maritime Engineering Apprenticeship, please call Simon Lofting at South Essex College on 07908 950953.

The TSA host Annual Open Days for the apprenticeships. Please check our website regularly to find out the latest information on upcoming events.

Apprenticeship types and qualifications 
At the TSA we promote and support two different level 3 apprenticeship schemes. The first is the Boatmaster Apprenticeship and the second is the Maritime Engineering Apprenticeship. Find out more about qualifications and syllabus.

Enrolment and participating employers
Find out how to join the apprenticeship schemes and see the list of some of the employers already benefiting from them. 

Costs and financial support  
The best time to hire an apprentice is now! Government’s Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) heavily supports your investment and additional support is available until 30th September 2021.

FAQ of apprentices  
The FAQ provide a good overview for employees 

Feedback from apprentices and employers
The apprenticeship schemes, created by TSA and employers, are all about keeping traditions alive, creating jobs and supporting the Watermen of the future. Hear what employers and apprentices have to say.

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For more information please contact the Thames Skills Academy via email or call 07947 345 845. 

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