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Employer Groups & Representation

Employer Advisory Groups

Employers are able to play an active role in determining the day to day priorities of the organisation by electing senior representatives to sit on the TSA Employer Advisory Group. The Employer Advisory Group, under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, acts as the ‘industry voice’ and provide employer input to the TSA Board on topics it considers essential and desirable to meet employers’ current and future skills and training needs.


 Employer Working Groups

Addressing these matters will normally require the establishment of dedicated Working Groups with a limited and specific membership, based on the particular activity and focus of member employers (e.g. passenger, freight or other marine services activities).  These Working Groups are established by the Employer Advisory Group, which will determine their Terms of Reference, and to which the Working Groups will report.  In turn, the Working Groups may establish dedicated Task & Finish Groups, as necessary, to take forward specific and time-limited projects and actions, determined by the individual Working Groups.  The Terms of Reference of any Task and Finish Group will be determined by the parent Working Group.


Employer Representation on the Board

The three Founding Members and Tideway are represented on the TSA Board, together with a Chief Executive Officer, and an Independent Chair.  The TSA constitution currently allows for a further five Board members representing the three main business sectors operating on the River - passenger, freight and other marine services.  In this way, employers also have several opportunities to be directly involved in influencing and contributing to the strategic direction of the organisation.  In due course, it is anticipated that Employer Board Members will constitute a clear majority on the Board as Tideway stands down, the Founding Members take a less prominent role and the TSA truly becomes an employer-led organisation.

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