Training and Development

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Training and Development

Skills gaps are one of the challenges facing employers on the tidal Thames Tidal.  By working with employers in the design and delivery of marine-based training, we can raise standards and develop and maintain a highly skilled workforce on the Thames. 

The TSA intends to create a broad-ranging, structured but flexible training program for Inland Waterway competencies, offering cost effective course delivery to a high standard, thus meeting the training and development needs of marine employers' - its membership.  It will do this by identifying a suitable range of accredited ‘TSA-endorsed' training providers and will also, in the future, become accredited to deliver marine-based training provision in its own right. 

The TSA will also ensure effective levels of support and mentoring for marine apprentices, coupled with the robust monitoring of student progression, retention and achievement. In addition, the TSA will monitor the training and delivery standards of its 'endorsed' training providers, whether internal or sub-contracted.

The TSA will act as a one-stop-shop for all areas of marine and related training, with potential in the future for expansion in to other port operations-related training.  As such, our training provision falls into a number of broad categories:

Many of the standard employee training requirements applicable to businesses ashore also apply to marine employers. These, together with the specialist marine training will also be offered by the TSA. 

Developing Standards and Competencies

Qualifications and standards underpin all training in one way or another.  The TSA is actively engaged and involved within the maritime industry in reviewing current Inland Waterways qualifications and standards; and developing new qualifications that employers need to take their businesses forward and maintain and improve safety and customer service.  A broader range of qualifications, all taken forward as Trailblazer Apprenticeships, will provide a far more relevant and effective competency framework for the Inland Waterways sector.  It will also offer a more structured and adaptable career path, with transferable qualifications and skills, for employees.

We are working closely with a number of Industry and Government partners as these initiatives move forward, they include:

Future Training Courses

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